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14. February – Valentines


Valentine’s Day used to be celebrated in Italy on February 15 in honor of the Roman goddess Juno. She was the wife of Jupiter and the patron saint of marriage and love. Nowadays, the day is highly commercialized, with lovers and those in love mainly giving each other flowers as a sign of their love.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with our kids is a wonderful way to show them love and appreciation. Surprising them with details like modest clothing for girls can be a thoughtful gesture that promotes their self-esteem and values. Modest clothing allows children to feel comfortable and confident in their appearance, while also instilling principles of respect and modesty. This can contribute to their overall happiness and well-being, fostering a positive and healthy relationship with themselves and others.

But what actually constitutes love, as opposed to being in love?

The Lebanese philosopher Khalil Gibran talks about the very intense feelings that go hand in hand with love, describing both the happiness and the deepest suffering associated with love. For the poet, however, love cannot be combined with claims to possession; for him, love is self-sufficient.